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About The Avon Works

The Avon Works website is a platform for digital arts and heritage projects in Bradford on Avon. With initial funding from The Heritage Lottery, local Area Board (Wilts. Council) and the Town Council, we are especially keen to promote young talent, with the backing of local business and education. We hosted the various projects arising from the arrival of The Iron Duke, in partnership with the Bradford on Avon Museum and the Preservation Trust.

The Future

Jim Lynch

Some people might think that now the Iron Duke has returned the project is at an end. Not a bit of it. 'The Avon Works' believes that preserving the town’s industrial heritage is an ongoing task. The group plan to continue to develop its website which already has archive and video material on it about the factory and its place in the social history of Bradford on Avon. There may be the possibility to create a virtual tour of the town in the 1950s, plus there are plans to work with the Museum and the Preservation Trust to develop a rubber trail, possibly with an app.

The Avon Works is a BoaCan project, coordinated by Jim Lynch, pictured on the left, with the support of Margaret and Andrew Shipley. Jim said “It is important to engage young people in understanding the heritage of Bradford on Avon and by doing so create opportunities for them to develop and use skills which would enable them to stay and work in our community. To make all this happen we need the support of local volunteers and of local businesses.”